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Our Building

Since opening in May 2015, our new building has been noted for its design and sustainable credentials. Commissioned by Manchester City Council, designed by Dutch architects Mecanoo and built by Wates Construction, HOME has been recognised in several national and regional awards.

On completion, our First Street site achieved BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment) Very Good, which is a significant achievement for a complex new building containing many spaces with multiple functions. As a cultural asset to the city and the region, we meet and aim to exceed all relevant regulatory requirements to minimise any adverse environmental effects caused as a result of our activities and organisational practice.

HOME is funded by Arts Council England – the first arts and cultural funding body in the world to make environmental reporting a requirement for the organisations that it supports. We undertake an annual report with Julie’s Bicycle in partnership with ACE, and calculate our carbon footprint through Julie’s Bicycle Creative IG Tools. HOME’s carbon footprint for energy consumption from 01 April 2017- 31 March 2018 was calculated at 735.4 tonnes CO2e, a figure that we are committed to reducing.

Our aim is to be energy efficient. We have a Building Management System that assists in the operating of our building, ensuring that it is continually controlled, monitored and adjusted. By remotely monitoring energy meters we can record and consider our consumption. With real-time regulating of heating and ventilation systems, we minimise waste and run efficiently and our Combined Heat and Power Plant (CHP) helps to reduce our carbon emissions through on-site energy generation and conversion. Our internal booking system ensures that unused spaces within the building do not use power unnecessarily and occupy sensors located back-of-house in restrooms, store rooms and dressing rooms prevent waste consumption.

The incorporation of glass into our building design ensures that our large public spaces – atriums, event space, restaurant, café and bar – receive plentiful natural lighting, and the building is installed with energy efficient LED lamps. Our ground floor seating and second floor terrace allow visitors to enjoy meeting and socialising outdoors when the weather permits.

We are committed to continually lowering our carbon emissions and improving on energy saving. Our building uses a 100% renewable electricity supplier and multiple energy meters across the site monitor power and lighting, graphing usage that allows data to be read as required, and also month-on-month and year-on-year comparisons. Our new building scored a B-rating for efficiency in our Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and a C-rating for our Display Energy Certificate (DEC). The DEC is renewed on an annual basis, allowing HOME to target and demonstrate good energy management to all users and members of the public and the certificate is displayed in our ground floor foyer.