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Green Initiatives

Here at HOME we know that supporting our environment requires sustained action, and we have some great schemes lined up to continue our commitment to securing a green future.

Our Environmental Sustainability Team is open to staff members from across the organisation, meeting regularly to discuss environmental and sustainability issues, developing and pledging actions to be shared and delivered with our staff and visitors.

We belong to the Green Business Membership and in 2017 we received the top accolade of Platinum in the Groundwork Green Business Awards Scheme. The award recognises that we are inspirational to others and that our actions and efforts ensure that HOME leads the way in sustainable practices – from supply chains and purchasing, to energy and waste monitoring, as well as staff training and engagement.

We are a dynamic member of MAST (Manchester Arts Sustainability Team) – ‘one of the city’s most successful examples of environmental improvements and civic engagement on climate change,’ as quoted in Arts Council England Environmental Report 2015/16 published by Julie’s Bicycle in November 2016. As part of MAST we share a passion to make environmental sustainability intrinsic to the plans and aspirations of arts and creative industries across Manchester. We continue to work towards MAST’s target of an annual 7% reduction in energy emissions and to take advantage of the training, tools and resources available through Julie’s Bicycle to manage and reduce energy and environmental impacts. MAST supports the work of Manchester Climate Change Agency and its commitment to make Manchester a zero carbon city by 2050.

Our strategies aim to continue to reduce our carbon footprint as we become further established in our new building on Tony Wilson Place. We are planning ahead in our pledge to help to secure a sustainable future. By further raising awareness of our efforts towards practical, creative and lasting sustainability actions, we are continually working to grow our green community.