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Carbon Literacy

At HOME we lead the way as participants in Carbon Literacy training, advocating climate change awareness and implementing actions to reduce the environmental impact of our working practices and work-related transport. Between September 2016 and April 2017 we undertook training workshops, e-learning and film screenings, certified by the Carbon Literacy Project, delivered in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University, and authorised by Cooler. We are now proud to be the first arts and cultural venue in the world to have 100% of staff trained in Carbon Literacy.

We are committed to sustainable practice and as a result of our participation with the project we have incorporated carbon literacy into our induction policy, ensuring that all new members of staff will be trained within six months of starting their new role with us. We have appointed four dedicated in-house trainers who will deliver all future training workshops, ensuring that HOME is a true advocate for climate change awareness and a leading instigator of low carbon practices. Training has already proven to have had a positive impact, with increased staff confidence in communicating with peers, family, friends and visitors on environmental and sustainability issues.

Our staff are also committed to implementing the actions pledged during their training, supporting our in-house Green Team to further develop our sustainable strategies and practices for the future. The training has proven to have had direct and positive impacts both within and beyond our organisation. Several staff members were motivated to switch their own home energy suppliers to 100% renewable providers, and have advised other team members on making sustainable changes. Since introducing a ‘think before you print’ signature at the end of emails in August 2016, staff have seen over a 50% reduction in monthly printing totals. As ICT Support Technician Andy Livingstone recognises: “These signatures are also visible to external recipients, so we can expect the initiative to have had an impact outside of the organisation too!”

Through our carbon literacy training we are securing a lasting legacy implementing knowledge, learning and action in issues of climate change, sustainability and individual responsibility.