Our building and accessibility


  • Our Box Office and Bookshop are fully accessible and are situated in the foyer.
  • The cinema screens are situated on the top floor and are fully accessible via lift, with wheelchair access in every screen.
  • The café and bar areas on each floor of the building are fully accessible.
  • The gallery is on the ground floor and is fully accessible.
  • Accessible toilets are available on each floor.
  • Wheelchair spaces are available in all areas of Theatre 1 (stalls, circle and gallery).

Services for deaf or hearing-impaired customers


  • All our cinemas have induction loops and we provide BSL (British Sign Language) screening and events. We have a portable induction loop system at our Box Office.
  • We provide captioned screenings of films when possible. Captioning is a service for hearing-impaired or deaf people. These screenings have a transcription of the film’s dialogue in English along the bottom of the screen and may also describe the sounds in the film.
  • Our programme also contains many films subtitled into English from other languages. These may also be suitable for deaf or hearing-impaired customers.
  • Films and events available with caption subtitles and BSL are indicated on our website listings and in print.

Services for blind or partially sighted customers


  • Listings are available in large print and audio CD from our Box Office, please email with any inquiries.
  • All Cinemas are equipped with infrared audio description equipment. Audio described screenings are similar to listening to a cricket or football match on the radio, having the action described to you. The normal film soundtrack comes through the cinemas surround sound speakers in the usual way, and a recorded narrator explains what’s happening on screen – in gaps in the dialogue and sound effects – through special headphones that allow the user to still hear the sound from the speakers.
  • Theatre performances offering audio description, BSL and caption subtitles will take place at HOME, please check the access information on individual production pages or contact our Box Office directly via phone on 0161 200 1500 or email
  • To reserve an AD headset please email or phone 0161 200 1500. Films are rarely available with audio description on DVD, so catch them while you can at the cinema.
  • Please note audio description has to be actively produced by the film distributors who have to decide to pay someone to write and record the audio description track. Some distributors (Warner Brothers for example) have a policy of providing AD (and subtitles) for all their films. Others distributors may never provide this service.
  • Films and events available with audio description, caption subtitles and BSL are indicated in our website listings and in print.

Booking tickets


To buy advance tickets for a wheelchair space (and seats alongside, if required) please call Box Office on 0161 200 1500. If the line is busy please leave a message and we will call you back.