The Lobster

Directed by Yorgos Lanthimos

In a dystopian future all singletons are arrested and transferred to the Hotel according to the rules of the Town, and there they have 45 days to find a matching mate, otherwise they are transformed into an animal of their choosing and released into the Woods. When one man escaped from the Hotel to the Woods where the Loners live, he falls in love and in doing so contravenes the rules. Highly regarded at Cannes Film Festival, where it carried off one of the major prizes, The Lobster is the first English language film from Greek filmmaker Yorgos Lanthimos (Dogtooth). A weird and wonderful tale with an incredibly eclectic cast, it’s Lewis Carroll meets Charlie Kaufman.

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English and French

Partial English

119 minutes

Country of origin:
France, Great Britain and Ireland

Year of production: